Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Year, another Blog

Hi all.

This is my first attempt at blogging, so I'm not really sure what to do. A little about me to start with. I'm a 46 year old, Paramedic, presently living in Western Colorado.

I was born in Florida, to a family of 8 children (7 at the time of my arrival). My family moved to Pennsylvania when I was 5 years old (but I found them again).

My Dad was a preacher, in the United Church of Christ. His hobby was stage magic, and I've picked up a few magic tricks over the years. My Mom was a preacher's wife, who also was an artist, woodcarver, poet, and bon vivant. My Dad passed away in 1993 after a long fight with Parkinson's disease, and my mother died in 2006, from organ failure. My brothers and sisters mostly live in Pennsylvania, except for my younger brother Mark (that's a story all of it's own) who lives in Iowa.

My wife Tonjia and I moved to Colorado in 2007. Tonjia wanted to live closer to her family, and not wanting to be left behind, I decided I should move with her. We have a mobile home near Clifton, which is just outside Grand Junction. Tonjia is an RN, and we met on the internet. That's a story for another time as well. Tonjia's daughter Breanna lives with us, and as far as I'm concerned Breanna is my daughter as well.

Our two "boys" are Max, a basset hound, and Frankie, a mini-dachshund.

After some encouragement from Tonjia, I've decided to start my own blog, so that I can add my own observations, and comments from time to time.

I hope that I don't bore everyone with my ramblings.

Good luck and a Happy New Year to everyone.


  1. :-) I LOVE it!! You are doing a great job! now keep it up, if you blog it... they will come!

  2. Good job, Mr. Dana! You already cracked me up several times. And what Tara--oopsies, Tonjia (ask her about this)--says is true. Blog it and they will come, especially with the promise of "that is a blog for another time." Those are usually pretty good.

    So...welcome to the blogosphere and I'm already adding myself as one of your followers!

  3. It's ok if you bore us with your ramblings (and you will sooner or later..all bloggers have an off day now and again!) cuz like locust, we'll be back!

    Welcome to this crazy blogging world!!


  4. Welcome to our world! Tonjia has spoken highly of you, but please... don't feel any performance pressure :)
    I'll be back to read you again soon!
    Happy New Year!

    ~AirmanMom returning to her blog...

  5. Welcome Dana! Now maybe I'll get my husband to start a blog!

    You're dear to my heart because 1) you're an EMT and 2)you live in Colorado where I would LOVE to live and 3)I also have a child in the military.

    You keep on blogging because this is a blog family we've got going here and we all need each other to get through.

    Looking forward to following your block.

  6. Welcome, and Happy New Year to you all!

  7. welcome to the highly addictive and quite comical wonderful world of blogging... I too have heard of you and can't wait to see /hear more from you!
    Happy New year!

  8. Welcome! You're off to a really good start. I'm pretty new to blogging, too, and can't believe how warm and accepting people are. It's a wonderful bloggy world!

  9. We can always use another blogger to check out. You had me at the first "thats a story for another time". I love those becasue they usually reveal somethign that we all would love to hear about. Welceome and I agree with Airmanmom, no preasure. Really!

  10. I am one of the lucky ones who actually knows you. I can hardly wait to see what you have to say. Like some of the others, I have already chuckled a couple of times.

  11. Welcome to the world of blog. I can not wait to read more of your stories to come.