Wednesday, January 14, 2009

All your troubles are behind you.....

There's an old saying, "When you are a bus driver, all your troubles are behind you". I've been driving school buses for a year and a half now, part time. I first took the job when we first moved here, the local school bus company was advertising for school bus drivers. I thought that, with my work schedule, that on my days off, I could pick up a little extra money and learn something different. With that in mind, I applied for a part time bus driver position.

After a brief interview, I was sent to bus driver training for one week, where I learned about managing a bus and how to wrangle students. I got my Colorado CDL (Commercial Drivers License) just a few weeks after getting my regular driver's license. I got to know the people at the DMV very well over those few weeks. Finally, I was allowed behind the wheel of one of those huge yellow people eaters. I work as a subsistute driver, filling in for drivers who are sick, or need a day off. I have a different route most days I work.

The people I work with at the Ambulance company think it's strange that I drive school bus when I'm not being a paramedic. My fellow drivers at the Bus company think it's strange that I am a paramedic, who drives school buses.

I kind of see it as the both jobs are similar. Both involve hauling around persons, who quite often don't really want to be your passenger. Both involve dealing with children, (of all ages) and difusing temper tantrums.

Both jobs involve trying to find poorly marked addresses in the dark, and in bad weather. Both involve having to deal with stupid drivers, who don't pay attention to flashing red lights. Both require knowledge of maps, and a fairly good sense of direction. Both jobs require a lot of paper work, but at least with bus driving, I don't have to fill out a long report for each passenger I haul.

Which do I like better? I know that being a paramedic will aways be in my blood, but there are times when I could just chuck the whole thing, and drive buses full time. Maybe when I retire, I'll keep the bus driving gig, or maybe I'll find something else to occupy my time. I forgot to mention, that bus driving is something of a family tradition. Two of my sisters also drive school buses, back in Pennsylvania.



  1. hey dont chuck that paramedic job yet, I want to retire some day! :-)

  2. lol at Tonjia~ Bless you Dana it takes a special person to do either job :)