Friday, January 9, 2009

Complaints Dept.

Sometimes it seems like a person's Blog is nothing but a complaints department. I don't want for this outlet to be nothing but me whining about my problems, but sometimes you just need to speak out about what annoys you.

For me, one of my pet peeves is people who don't take their shopping carts back to the cart rack. Usually the place to corral the carts in a supermarket parking lot is just a few feet away, but some people are too lazy to take a few steps to put their cart away properly. This afternoon, I had to stop by the local market, to pick up a few items, and I was pulling into a parking spot, when I had to steer around a cart some moron left in the middle of the space. The cart rack was literally 10 feet away! How much of a problem would it have been to walk that cart a few steps and put it where it's not going to hit someone's door.

Another thing that annoys me is big companies that don't care about their customers. Today, I found out that our home owners insurance had been canceled almost a month ago. This company, which I won't name, except to say it's "Foremost" in my mind, left us high and dry.

Apparently the insurance company didn't feel it was important enough to notify us, that we had no coverage should something happen to our home. I only found this out, when they sent us a rebate check for $8 that they said had overpaid. It seems that I had made an on-line payment that the company decided wasn't enough, so they just dropped us, like a hot potato. I didn't get a phone call, a letter, or an e-mail from the company, or the local agent. (I also wonder how I could be canceled for "non payment", and then they send me a rebate?)

When I called the local agent, they claimed they knew nothing about it, and the employee who handles the home insurance was out of the office, and wouldn't be back till Monday morning. Now this was about 3pm on Friday, meaning that we would be without insurance for another weekend. This was not an acceptable option, so I had to go and call around town, looking for another insurance company. Fortunately I found another agency, and signed up for policy from a different company, and it's actually going to save us about $20 a year on homeowners insurance. I won't say what the new company is, but All I'll State that they seem to be more interested in customer service. We will be looking into changing our car insurance over to this company as well, if we can get a good deal. Hopefully we'll be in good hands with this new company.

I'm back to work for another two days, starting tomorrow morning. I'm hoping for a quiet weekend, but I'll see what we get.



  1. You make several valid points! I do not understand how a person can push a cart up and down EVERY single aisle in a store...yet once the outside air hits their face...they can no longer push the cart any further than their trunk..We are so pathetic at times!

    ~AirmanMom returning to her blog....

  2. shit We have Formost... and its hard to find anyone who will insure what is technically a single wide trailor... just because we have added onto and totally renovated and all thats is trailor now is our bedroom does not matter it goes by the title.... sigh always something to worry about... thanks for the heads up.