Monday, January 12, 2009

Frankie's new pastime.

I just got back after a weekend at work. We had the usual transports, and 911 calls, another few days in the glamorous world of EMS. We transported a teenager who overdosed, stood by at a bull riding event, responded to an elk vs car collision, and transported a new mother and her hours old son from a small hospital to a larger one.

I drove home this AM, and was met by Max and Frankie. They were happy to see me, and even more happy when I took them for a walk this afternoon. Walks are Max and Frankie's most favoritest activity ever. Max watches me very closely all day, and when I stand up, or move toward the kitchen cabinet where I keep the plastic bags, he starts getting excited. I don't even have to say the WALK word, the boys just KNOW that they are going walkies.

I've noticed that Frankie has decided that he's now a Big Boy, and has discovered the pleasure of peeing on things. When I first started taking Frankie on walks with Max, Frankie didn't pause to pee very often and usually squatted. Now he likes to to lift up his leg and pee a mighty stream on trees, lamp posts, and road signs.

He also loves to hunt for kitties to chase. I keep the boys on leashes whenever they are out of the yard, but Frankie knows to look under the cars in the area, because that's where the cats tend to spend their days. In the winter, the underside of cars are warm, and in the summer, they are cooler than the surrounding area.

Frankie stalks the cats, and when they see him, they either run off, in which case he tries to chase them. If they don't run, he barks at them. Most of the cats are bigger than Frankie, and I keep telling him that someday some cat will kick his butt.

Tomorrow morning I am going to drive the school bus, so wish me luck.



  1. Frankie says he is grown up now and he owns everything he pees on. LOLOL

  2. Hank (the tom cat here) will let the dog THINK she is the big boss but when I have come inside I hear the dog yelping because the cat has had enough bullying LOL... that cat pic kills me !!!!!
    I pray for you ... I could never drive a school bus LOL

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